Spiritual Pathway

Steps towards awakening for men-who-love-men.

Freeing ourself from control of the mind, the ego aspect in particular, and connecting to the body in a positive, affirming, mindful manner allows for inner transformation. A transformation that takes us to our naked truth. This is powerful, challenging, joyous, ecstatic and blissful. It can be painful, necessary and liberating.

Below are three key steps to better align your mind, body and spirit, (Step 1) Reiki and Massage stand-alone healing sessions, (Step 2) tantra ritualised and embodied coaching, (Step 3) embodied spiritual experiences.

Step 1 - One-off, Stand-alone sessions (In-Person)

Reiki Healing

As a Reiki Master (L3) I offer 30-minute Reiki healing sessions which entail the channelling of energy vibration through Reiki hand positioning, Chakra balancing, and using sacred symbols to enhance breathwork, visualisation, thought and positive intention. There is limited touch involved, with the hands hovering mostly just above the surface of the skin.

Taoist Based Spiritual Healing Massage

As a Tantra trained masseur, I offer a 60-minute gentle Taoist based spiritually healing massage incorporating full body sweeps, and utilising specific pressure points around the head area, that helps build regenerative energy and spiritual connection. This massage is non-erotic, although very sensual, and meditative.

Tantric Massage

A 2-hour tantric massage session will incorporate ecstatic touch, movement, breathwork and sound. It will include aspects of external anal massage and lingam massage, for the purposes of building and distributing energy throughout the body. There will be a sense of vitality through connecting with your life energy. This is NOT for the purposes of ejaculation but to experience highly intense and powerful feelings of ecstasy. The active engagement of the client is required; therefore, some prior experience is preferred, or a willingness to do preparatory exercises.

*It should be noted, Tantric Massage can at times bring up past memories and emotions.

**Please also note, if you are looking for a happy ending, this is NOT the massage for you.

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Step 2 - Tantra Rituals Coaching Programme (Online or In-Person).

"If you are looking for something that makes sense of what has gone before and gives you the tools and practices to make real, long-lasting change ... then you have found it with Pink.”  Jay.

Whether you consider this through the lens of spirituality, transpersonal, oneness or any other term, the need to connect to something bigger than oneself offers an expansion of our Being through embodied ritual practices.

This is a programme of 7 x 1-hour sessions progressing through a ritualised journey, from the love ritual through to the union ritual, incorporating deity ritual, ritual of surrender, bliss/atman ritual, big/little bang ritual, and ritual of spaciousness.

"Wow, wow, wow, when I just let you run away with your magic it really connects me fully without the mind interfering. It was so powerful this evening." David

These sessions will take the client on a journey to heightened consciousness (or a spiritual journey – however you may prefer to think of it) based in a grounding of your everyday reality, thereby ensuring equilibrium that brings an alignment of body, mind and spirit, as a way to connect, or reconnect, to your personal truth.

The benefit of these sessions are that you may strip away unrealistic perceptions and embrace new experiences, bringing forth a new vision of your life. You may end up re-evaluating everything in your life based on the questions ‘what would love do?’  and ‘what would love say?’

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Step 3 - Embodied Spiritual Experiences (In-person).

Kundalini Experience

Kundalini Yoga is a science and a philosophy to unite the finite with infinity, ie, us with universal consciousness. We do this through dis-attaching from the ego and connecting to our Higher Self using a synthesis of movement and breathwork, mantras and chanting, and meditation, aligned to the main chakras (energy centres).

This is a full day experience (ie, 8 hours from 9am through to 5pm). It will incorporate aspects around setting safety and intimacy, kundalini yoga practices and meditations, lunch, and further kundalini practices, where the invitation will be to connect this to your erotic life force to supercharge your day.

Tantra Experience

Tantra can be a truly orgasmic, ecstatic, or blissful experience depending on the nature of the individual. Like the ritual coaching programme above this experience will become a ritualised journey, incorporating safety and intimacy, ritual undressing, tantric massage, and lunch, before veering further into either the ecstatic or blissful through multi-orgasmic experiences, or experiences of devotion and surrender. This is a full day experience (ie, 8-hours from 9am through to 5pm).

Who Am I?

Who am I is the journey to the Self, to the centre of our consciousness (to the Heart Centre). This is often referred to as Mouna-Samadhi, the samadhi of silence, where we be still, be silent, be peace. This is not where we have an experience of awareness, but where awareness has an experience of a person (I am that I am).

This is a full day experience (ie, 8 hours from 9am through to 5pm). It will incorporate silent meditation, Reiki, Taoist based spiritual healing massage and lunch. It is likely to be a very simple day where we incorporate rituals such as the bliss/atman ritual and ritual of spaciousness. When we speak of spiritual embodiment in relation to Who Am I we are referring to a shift from the human body (which is a localised sensing instrument of consciousness) to the entire body, to everything, the entire cosmos. Massage, then, is a useful tool to gauge how much we experience our localised sensing instruments (ie, our body) as subject or as Being-Consciousness.

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