Personal Growth Pathway

Steps towards awakening for men-who-love-men.

As people, especially in the West, we tend to be mind orientated. The journey towards awakening, from a tantra perspective, is to raise our self-awareness and uncover our essential nature (as the old saying goes 'know thyself'). The more we understand who we are, in the here and now, our behaviours, patters and shadow aspects, the more we will be able to recognise some of the barriers and strengths we might bring to our spiritual journey.

Below are three key steps to better knowing thyself. (Step 1) understand your own personality and behavioural patters, (Step 2) utilise, through coaching, this understanding to clarify your priorities and limiting beliefs, those things which have the potential to be your greatest barriers (Step 3) and take right action in relation to personal issues and potential barriers to support your journey.

Step 1 - DISC personality /behavioural /psychometrics (Book).

DISCover the Power of You published through John Hunt Publishing Ltd, ISBN: 978-1-78535-591-2, offers a good place to start if you are keen to learn more about yourself, your personality and how your personality might be impacting on your life, your journey, and the stories you might be telling yourself.

DISCover the Power of You

Step 2 – DISC Coaching Programme (Online or In-Person).

Coaching can transform your relationships to yourself and to others. With over 20 years coaching experience, including leadership, life and spirituality coaching, and more recently around trauma informed work, Pink can help with your healing journey, your growth, or your spiritual life. An understanding of DISC in conjunction with coaching is an invaluable tool.

“Pink makes you question what you thought you knew and drives you to think new thoughts to take new approaches.”  Keiran.

Based on my book DISCover the Power of You, my training as a Licensed DISC Trainer and a PPA Assessor, this is a programme of 3 x 1-hour sessions, covering the basics of your profile (high and low intensity), your blended profile and what this might mean for your behavioural patterns, how this might impact your journey and how you can mitigate this by tapping into your strengths.

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Step 3 – Themed/Issue Coaching Programme (Online or In-Person).

Coaching is about supporting you, the client, to develop and grow. This might be related to a specific theme or set of beliefs that are no longer serving you in your life or journey. Coaching is therefore based on the 'here and now', where the coach helps facilitate your learning.

This is a programme of 3 x 1-hour sessions, uncovering your key theme / issue and how this is impacting on your journey. This is likely to be suitable for people who want to embark on a journey of self-discovery, who might be feeling the stirrings of discontent in their life and are looking to enhance their wellbeing. Clients might be dealing with themes such as:

·       Confidence building.

·       Feeling stuck in your life or journey.

·       Identity issues.

·       Asking for what you want.

·       Saying no and knowing your boundaries.

Through the sessions we are likely to clarify your value base, key priorities and likely barriers, to take right action to address the identified issues and barriers.

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