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The vision for Pink Tantra Towards Awakening, is to be the go-to community for men-who-love-men in Scotland seeking awakening, supporting all men-who-love-men to integrate the mind-body-spirit to live a meaningful life.

Pink Tantra

What I offer

Personal growth, healing and spiritual awakening

Mind (Growth)
Our mind is not something we try to get rid of, rather we try to dis-attach from it’s powerful hold over us. We are letting go of the ego to recognise the full nature of the mind. The path is through raising our self-awareness; our thinking, feeling and behavioural patterns that hold us locked into a false self.
Body (Healing)
Our body is the temple. It is divine, and we access that divinity through the senses, as localised sensing instruments of consciousness. We tune the senses to reach heightened levels of vibration, aligning our breath and touch so we become more vital. This way we begin to move beyond the mind-body.
Spirit (Towards Awakeing)
Our spiritual journey is the journey to love, the journey of cleansing the temple to find that which we already are. The Tantra path is through the practices and experimentation of awakening to Awakening. This is the hero’s journey where the mind-body-spirit becomes one with Being-Consciousness-Bliss.

Who and what is Pink Tantra

About Pink Tantra

Press Here to find out more about Pink's Tantra journey Towards Awakening, for a fuller Bio, and abbreviated CV.


Pink has over 20 years’ experience in leadership coaching, initially LSDA trained, with a Life-Coaching Diploma, a Spirituality Coaching Diploma, Trauma Informed Coaching programme, and a Tantra Diploma and Teacher Trainer/Coach Diploma through T4GM.


Pink is a Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Reiki Master (L3), Licensed DISC Trainer, Stress Management Trainer, Action Learning Facilitator, with a PGCE (FE). Pink is a Kundalini Tantra Yoga teacher, trained through the Mukta Tantra Yoga School in India, registered with the Yoga Alliance (ID 427346). He runs online and in-person kundalini and tantra workshops, international tantra retreats, and will be facilitating at this years T4GM Tantra Love Festival, 2024.

Author and Artist

Pink (Robert Adams) published his first novel 'Fermented Spirits', ISBN: 978-1398437159, through Austin Macauley Ltd, and his business/personal development book ‘DISCover the Power of You’, ISBN: 978-1-78535-591-2, through John Hunt Publishing Ltd. See Pink's published short stories. He has a 1st Class B.A. Honours Degree, a Masters in Fine Art, and taught at Edinburgh College of Art. See Pink's virtual exhibition The Bench, and Myths and Moral Action - Virtual show

They say that the only true and able helper is one that has suffered themselves. Someone who has found their own way out of the ‘hole’ – discovering and using tools that work – who is then in a position to pass-it-on. Only when you have it can you start giving it away to others. This is precisely what Robert is doing – Take notice and believe, its powerful stuff!


Robert is able to listen carefully and ask the really important questions that can help you explore different ways of thinking and taking action. I am very grateful to Robert for the time that he invested in our sessions and for his genuine passion to help me move forward in achieving my goals.