Community Building

Steps towards awakening for men-who-love-men.

It is difficult to know at times where to start, or if started, how to keep engaging. This is where having a community around you is so important on the healing and spiritual journey. Below are three key steps you can take to stay engaged (Step 1) attend monthly in-person tantra workshops, currently held in Kilsyth, Scotland, (Step 2) join our online community via Discord, where we hold fortnightly naked kundalini yoga sessions, amongst other things, (Step 3) sign up to Pink Tantra's JustFor.Fans site for erotic videos.

Step 1 - In-Person Community - Tantric Workshops

My invitation in these workshops is that you work from the heart to bring love, compassion and healing to all that we do, while bringing joy to our embodied experiences as we engage in our own pleasure and sharing that pleasure with each other. I also invite you to, as much as possible, drop the ego, drop judgements, or connect to your resistance, and see what we can learn from the experience. We will set the safe container to build intimacy by recognising boundaries and understanding consent.

"I have been to many, many retreats and after 3 days or so I get to the point you have taken me to in 30 minutes. Absolutely amazing." Sco.t

Transformative practices can range from breathing and relaxation exercises to meditation, from reflective, immersive and creative undertakings that help raise our vibrational frequency, ascending to LOVE: the highest level we can attain. The benefits of this are further enhanced wellbeing and creativity, connectivity with yourself and others, increased levels of energy and a deeper sense of fulfilment. These workshops are suitable for men who love men who want to further their spiritual journey. The workshops are in-person in Kilsyth, Scotland, UK.

To gain access you need to be a member of the Scottish Tantra Group for Men Who Love Men on MeetUp,

Scottish Tantra Group for Men-Who-Love-Men.

Step 2 - Online Community

Pink Tantra Towards Awakening group on Discord is for men-who-love-men internationally who want to meet online and engage in healing and tantra practices and meditations, seeking awakening through the conscious development of our rejuvenating energy.

Join our Pink Tantra Towards Awakening group on Discord.

Such as our Online - Erotic Kundalini Yoga sessions on a Thursday, 8pm GMT.

29th Feb 2024, 14th March, 28th March 2024, 11th April, 25th April 2024.

Kundalini Yoga is a science and a philosophy to unite the finite with infinity, ie, us with universal consciousness. We do this through dis-attaching from the ego and connecting to the Self using a synthesis of movement and breathwork, mantras and chanting, and meditation, aligned to the main chakras (energy centres). My invitation will be to connect this to your erotic life force to supercharge your day.

You just need to contact me to request access to register. Registration is free. It would be useful to download the Discord App on your laptop as it works better than accessing via an internet provider.

What will it mean to be a member?

1.     Online events.

2.     Multiple chat rooms available for you to use as a member:

a. General chat room where we can all chat regularly and get to know one another,

b. Tantra discussion room where we can have deeper tantric/spiritual discussions,

c.  Intimacy room for those wanting connections when sessions are not running.

3.     Event Pages for upcoming in-person Workshops in Scotland, or International Retreats.

Contact me to request registration access.

Step 3 - Just For Fans Online Site

I am currently building my library of erotic meditations and tantra practice videos (you will need to register as a member to access my page). These videos range from the deeply spiritual to the highly sexual as a means to break down the unhealthy barrier we have built between the two.

Join via on JustFor.Fans

It is my honour to be of service to you. I deeply believe in the life-affirming work we do together.